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Bunny Dating Services

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers a unique bunny dating program to find the perfect match for your furry friend.

Members of our staff are trained to help you and your rabbit find the perfect new best friend!

Socialize Your Rabbit!

Rabbits are extremely social animals and will naturally bond with other animals as they do with humans.

If a rabbit spends too much time alone, he can become depressed and potentially anorexic. Another rabbit will not take your place in his life but will give him a playmate when you are at work or places that take you away from home.

Bunny buddies will cuddle, snuggle, groom and give kisses to each other. They will explore together, eat together and sleep together. 

Bunny Love

It’s important to realize that it will most likely be your rabbit and not you who decides who their best buddy will be.

 Rabbits are not concerned with ear types, size or if they match. You’d be surprised at what odd couples have been fallen for each other! It is true that love is blind with bunnies!

Preparing Your Bunny For A Date

It is important to review the following items to ensure that you and your rabbit are prepared for your bunny date.

Bunnies need to be spayed or neutered before they interact in a WHS bunny date. Preferably, both rabbits will have had two weeks to recover from surgery and for their hormone levels to diminish. Forcing an introduction before this time period has ended can have negative effects on the dating rabbits.

WHS prefers to introduce a male and a female during our bunny dates. Many times male and female rabbits will be territorial with rabbits of their own gender. Alternative matchings are possible however and you should talk to your bunny date coordinator for more information. Rabbits in close proximity in age make the best matches. This is a general rule and both rabbit’s personalities will likely dictate which pairings are possible.

Protecting Your Rabbit

WHS uses controlled settings and has steps in place if a rabbit to rabbit interaction becomes negative.

It is important that the experience is a positive one for both bunnies. 

Dating Behavior

There are several ways rabbits may react to another rabbit.

If both rabbits immediately start snuggling and grooming each other it’s love at first site! Congratulations!  Sometimes both rabbits will sniff and go their separate ways to explore. This means that a friendship is budding.  If one rabbit mounts another displaying amorous behavior, it may only be as an act of dominance.  One rabbit may chase the other rabbit. Many times, this is another way of one rabbit saying they are dominant to the other. It can be frightening to see two rabbits fighting although in their natural environment it establishes rank and order. Rabbits are not quick to forget and fighting could hinder future bonding success. 


The Wisconsin Humane Society recommends doing no more than two bunny dates per visit to ensure that your rabbit is not overwhelmed and becomes stressed by the experience.

Interested In Setting Your Bunny Up On A Date?

If you have decided that you’d like to encourage your bunny to find a buddy, come visit us at one of our campuses to meet bunnies available for adoption!