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Cat-Proof Your Home

Cats are curious and playful, especially with objects that move or have a nice texture. Here are some tips to keep your feline companion healthy and safe in your home.

Be sure to keep cleaning supplies and medicines in cabinets or in areas your cat can't get into. May times, cleaning supplies and medicines can contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to your cat.

Be mindful of the plants you currently have. Some plants are very toxic to cats and can cause gastrointestinal issues, other health problems, or even death. Please look at our list of toxic plants for reference. If you are unsure if a plant in your home is toxic to cats or not, please contact your veterinarian.

Keep electrical cords unplugged or in unreachable areas for your cat. Many cats like to chew cords and can receive an electric shock if they bit a live wire.  Use a cord protector if your cords need to stay in an open area. 

In the bathroom, keep your toilet lid shut to prevent small cats from falling in. Be mindful if your cat finds toilet paper or your shower curtain as a toy. 

Cords from blinds and drapery can become a great toy for your cat. Keep cords tied up to prevent you cat from scratching at blinds and drapes. Also, be mindful of any ribbons, thread, yarn, or rubber bands lying around. As many cats may find these items enticing. Ingesting one of these items could potentially cause health problems such as intestinal blockages. 

Keep fragile items in cases where your cat can not enter. Many cats like to climb vertical spaces where fragile items may be displayed. Jewelry that is hanging should be kept in cat proof cases to prevent your diamond necklace from becoming your cat's next favorite toy. 

Keep your screens and garbage secured. Make sure that your door and window screens are securely shut so that your cat can't slip out of the house. Also, keep a lid on the garbage to prevent your cat from climbing in. Garbage may contain old foods that could attract your cat.

Check spaces before closing them off. Cats love a nice quiet cozy spot. This could be a nice little space on their cat tree, or it could be the dryer. Check the dryer or any other cozy spots before closing them off to keep your cat safe. If you are remodeling your home, make sure that air vents are covered to prevent your small cat from venturing in. 

Keep candles or lit cigarettes under supervision. Cats may be attracted to the light or smoke and come close to these objects. Be sure to blow out any lit items before exiting a room. 

After first bringing your new cat home or moving your current cat into a new home keep clothes picked up or in a closed laundry basket while your cat is acclimating himself. Cats will instinctively eliminate on or in soft substrates. 

Use a breakaway style collar with an elastic piece for your cat. This will help to prevent accidental choking.

If you would like to work with a Wisconsin Humane Society behaviorist one-on-one regarding this behavior topic, please call 414-431-6173 to schedule a consultation or email us at