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Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

169.39 Humane care and housing. (1). COMPLIANCE WITH RULES. No license may be issued under this chapter unless the department [DNR] determines that the applicant will comply with all of the rules promulgated under subs. (2) and (3).

(2) RULES; GENERAL. The department shall promulgate and enforce rules for the housing, care, treatment, enrichment, feeding , and sanitation of wild animals subject to regulation under this chapter to ensure all of the following:

(a) That the wild animals receive humane treatment and enrichment.
(b) That the wild animals are held under sanitary conditions.
(c) That the wild animals receive adequate housing, care, and food.
(d) That the public is protected from injury by the wild animals.

(3) RULES; HOUSING. The rules for housing under sub. (2) shall include requirements for size and location of permanent enclosures and of temporary enclosures at locations other than those where the wild animals are permanently housed. The rules regulating the location of enclosures shall include the distance required between 2 enclosures. The rules for housing shall include specifications for enclosures for each species of harmful wild animal that the department designates under s. 169.11 (1).

(4) ORDERS. The department may issue an order requiring any person holding a license under this chapter to comply with the rules promulgated under sub. (2).