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O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!

O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!
  • O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!
  • O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!
  • O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!

O'Brien - Benchwarmer & Volunteer Pick!

This dog is one of the many wonderful animals available for adoption at WHS. Despite their great looks and lovable personality, they have not found a new home yet and have become a benchwarmer. To get them back in the game and into a home, we have reduced their adoption fee. We know they will make a great addition to someone's family – come meet them today!

**Meet O'Brien: Your Loyal Companion!**

O'Brien is the perfect match for anyone seeking a loyal and athletic pup to join their adventures! He thrives on head rubs and loves nothing more than sitting next to his favorite person, soaking up the companionship. With a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, O'Brien eagerly anticipates every walk, reveling in the opportunity to explore and sniff to his heart's content.

This spirited pup has moments of high energy, where he'll happily engage in playful activities like jumping, running, and playing with toys. O'Brien eagerly offers "sits" as he has been diligently working on keeping all four paws on the floor when excited. His dedication to learning and improving makes him a wonderful companion for someone willing to invest time and effort into his training.

If you're in search of a faithful partner to share your adventures, O'Brien may be the canine companion you've been looking for! Come meet him today and discover the joy of having this spirited pup by your side. Adopt O'Brien and let the adventures begin!

O'Brian is also a volunteer pick! Here is what our volunteer had to say about him: "O'Brian is very smart and has come a long way! He is also very loving and wants to please. The only thing bigger than his cute face is his heart. He would make a great addition to any loving home."

All About Me!

Location Racine Campus
Color Brown | White
Age 4 years, 1 months
Sex Male
Neutered Yes
Weight 64 pounds
Guest Number 55477441
Family Recommendation PG-8 No children under age 8
Adoption Price $75.00

Adopt me!

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Get a head start!

Before your visit, please read our adoption process and fill out an adoption profile. Please note that the adopter profile is not an application, but rather some basic information we'll use during your visit to help you make a great match.

Sponsor animals in need!

From food to vaccines, collars to beds, medical care to behavioral support… this work is critical to homeless animals in our community, but the expenses add up quickly. Please consider sponsoring some of the costs of care for animals at WHS!

24PetWatch Pet Protection Services

24PetWatch Logo This pet comes with an implanted 24PetWatch microchip and free registration into the 24PetWatch pet recovery service. For more info call 1-866-597-2424.

Please Note

Every animal is an individual and WHS works hard to make great matches for our animals and adopters.  Some animals may have placement restrictions or requirements established by WHS based on shelter observations and previous home histories.  When meeting with your adoption counselor, they review each animal’s medical, behavior, and placement needs with you to help you find an animal who is compatible with your home environment and your lifestyle.  There are no time limits at WHS, all animals in adoption have as long as it takes to find a new loving home.  Stop in and speak with our adoption counseling team today – we look forward to meeting with you.

Wisconsin DATCP Dog Seller and Dog Facility Operator Licenses

Milwaukee Campus – 267013  |  Ozaukee Campus – 286367  |  Racine Campus – 284731  |  Green Bay Campus – 468759  |  Door County Campus – 468760  |  Kenosha Campus – 519360