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These two cuties are Arthur and Annie, they are in a foster home looking for their adoptive family!
They have been friends for a while and very much enjoy each other's company. Arthur and Annie enjoy cuddling together, grooming each other's heads and exploring together. They are both so soft and don't mind getting gentle pets. Arthur enjoys spending his days eating delicious lettuce, hay and pellets. He is a big muncher and loves to lounge around. Annie loves her hay and plays with her ball throughout the day and relaxes next to Arthur. Both Arthur and Annie's favorite thing to do is free roam in our living will definitely catch a binky or two then! Both of them have done well with our young children but do get a little scared of loud noises (as expected). Arthur and Annie also seem to do okay with cats as they both follow our cat around through their enclosure. Both definitely prefer to have their feet on the ground, but can be picked up if needed.
Overall both Arthur and Annie are sweet, laid back, curious bunnies who would thrive in a home with space for both of them to explore and do their adorable bunny things. They love each other so much and would love a family who has the time to give them the attention they need!
Do you have room for these fluffy cuties in your life?

Email their foster family at to learn more about this group

Annie and Arthur have lived together for a long time and are friends! We don't want to split them up, so they've both got to go to the same home together. If you have the room and the love, please consider adopting them both!

All About Me!

Location Foster Home - Ozaukee area
Breed Lionhead
Color Grey | Brown
Age 3 years, 1 months
Sex Female
Spayed Yes
Weight 4 pounds
Guest Number 53985323
Adoption Price $25.00

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Every animal is an individual and WHS works hard to make great matches for our animals and adopters.  Some animals may have placement restrictions or requirements established by WHS based on shelter observations and previous home histories.  When meeting with your adoption counselor, they review each animal’s medical, behavior, and placement needs with you to help you find an animal who is compatible with your home environment and your lifestyle.  There are no time limits at WHS, all animals in adoption have as long as it takes to find a new loving home.  Stop in and speak with our adoption counseling team today – we look forward to meeting with you.

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