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Interested in educating your students about migration and about how to help save wild birds by preventing window collisions?

Follow the links below for fun activities adaptable for multiple ages!

Bird-Safe Campus

Join us in saving thousands of wild birds from death caused by window collisions: make your college or university building, or the entire campus, BirdSafe!

Ways to Participate


  • Become a Bird Collision Monitor at your school or in Downtown Milwaukee. Bird Collision Monitors check near campus buildings during migration periods to search for and rescue or recover window collision victims. Monitoring can help save injured birds; it gives you an opportunity to participate in citizen-science, and can help alert school officials to the need for window-collision prevention on campus.
  • Be an advocate for bird window collision awareness and action on campus: post flyers, write newsletter articles and blog entries, and make collision monitoring a service project for your on-campus club.
  • Treat your own home or dorm windows to help prevent bird collisions.


  • Incorporate the window collision issue and the citizen-science of WIngs Bird Collision Monitoring into your classroom or lecture hall.
  • Be an advocate for bird window collision awareness and action on campus.
  • Treat your own home and school office windows to help prevent bird collisions.

Campus Building Managers, Regents

  • Learn more about how you can prevent daytime window collisions on campus  
  • Support Bird Collision Monitoring to find out if you have a bird collision problem on campus
  • Take action to reduce bird collisions on campus

For more information or assistance, contact WHS Wildlife Manager, Scott Diehl.

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Hope's Lights

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