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Bird Collision Death Toll

In May, September and October of 2008, Volunteer Bird Collision Monitors from the Wisconsin Humane Society walked the streets around key buildings in downtown Milwaukee before sunup to rescue birds and gather data on our city's window collision casualties. Their dedication has saved lives.

How Many Birds?

130 birds of 37 species were found by WHS WIngs Bird Collision Monitors.

Species included White-throated, Lincoln's, Swamp, Chipping, Song and Fox Sparrows; 13 Connecticut Warblers, as well as Palm, Nashville, Bay-breasted, Wilson's Blackpoll, Cape May Warblers, Brown Creepers, Eastern Wood Pewees, Ovenbirds and an American Woodcock.

The findings are disturbing, because we don't have enough volunteer monitors to cover every one of our key areas every day during migrations - the birds found by our monitors can only be a tiny percentage of the total number of birds injured or killed by colliding with windows in downtown Milwaukee.

Get Involved!

Just think of how many more birds could be saved with your help!

If you are not currently enrolled as a Bird Collision Monitor, but feel that this volunteer opportunity might be for you, click here for more information about the program.  

If you would like to know how the buildings in which you live or work can become bird-safe, click here.