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Field Trips & Classroom Programs

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers several age-appropriate programs for classroom groups that are wild about animals.

All programs are aligned with Wisconsin State Academic Standards and take place at the Milwaukee or Ozaukee Campus where students watch, listen and learn about animals.

Programs are offered Tuesdays through Fridays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and last approximately one hour. The fee is $1.50 per student (10 student minimum). All proceeds benefit animals in need. For reservations, please contact a member of the Youth Programs Department below.

Milwaukee Campus reservations: Dezarae Jones-Hartwig, or 414-431-6159

Ozaukee Campus reservations:  Andrea Swanson, or 262-988-5947

 Animal Talk (K5 – Grade 2)  

Is my dog happy? Why does my cat purr? Animals may not speak to us with words, but they have other ways to communicate what they are feeling. Students are guided using their observational skills to help decipher the language of our companion animals. Understanding what an animal is saying can keep kids safe. Barking, meowing, wagging, stretching and smiling required!

WHS 101 (Grade 3 – High School)

Take a behind-the-scenes tour  and learn how shelter staff and volunteers help companion animals on their path to adoption. Stroll through our Veterinary Hospital, see who’s staying in Guest Lodging, and walk down Adoption Avenue to see all the animals waiting for homes!

Animal Careers (Grade 5-High School)

Take a walk behind-the-scenes of the Wisconsin Humane Society to see some of the rewarding professions chosen by our staff and volunteers. Our career program focuses on student strengths and abilities along with offering information on the volunteer or work experience necessary to obtain a career involving animals.

Classrooms Go WILD! (K5-Grade 6)

Milwaukee Campus only
Sponsor a wild animal! Classrooms conduct a service project to benefit animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and in return, receive a special behind-the-scenes wildlife tour, a chance to meet a wild ambassador animal, and a certificate with a picture of the sponsored animal. Teachers receive additional resources and activities for their classroom to enhance the learning experience.  

Wildlife Detectives (Grades 3-6)

Milwaukee Campus only
Did you know that the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus is home to one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the nation? Students transform into Wildlife Detectives for this exciting program. They discover how wild animals differ from companion animals, how to recognize an animal in need, when to leave wildlife alone, and how to help wildlife in our own backyard.

Dog Fighting Awareness Workshop (Grade 7-High School)

Milwaukee Campus only
Dog Fighting affects more than just animals. Through the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Dog Fighting Awareness Workshop, students discover the impact that dog fighting has on our community. Students discuss some of the reasons people may choose to fight their dogs and healthy alternatives that would meet those same needs. We also examine myths about dog fighting and pit bull-type dogs, and learn the facts to dispel these myths.