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Get your warm fuzzies.

We cannot thank our friends enough at Laughlin Constable for their incredibly creative and talented work - all donated - on this "Warm Fuzzies" campaign. You are all the best!

Playing with a furry friend has a way of making your heart flutter, your lips curl into a smile and your speech gush with words like “Aww” and “How cute!” But guess what? You don’t have to bring home a companion toget those warm and extra fuzzy feelings.

Because your donation alone can do incredible things, like pay for a lifesaving vaccine. Or support a shy pup with training, so he has the confidence to meet prospective adopters. Or give you the same sweet feelings thatcome from adopting a companion, without any of the commitment.

Start getting those heart-warming feels now by making a donation (no matter how small!) to the Wisconsin Humane Society and see what incredible tricks your contribution can do.


Volunteers Needed

We are currently in high need of foster parents to care for either dogs or cats ranging in age and condition.  All you need is a little extra room in your home and heart!