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Cats and Countertop Jumping

This problem can be solved with some simple aversion techniques.

cat jumping on countertops
  • Never leave enticing bits of food on the counter when not at home.
  • Be sure the cat has access to food and water at all times.
  • Use the following remote corrections to effectively discourage countertop prowling:
    • overlap cookie sheets or long pieces of cardboard along the edge of the counter where the cat jumps up;
    • place a motion detector that reacts with a startling sound on the countertop when leaving home for the day;
    • apply double-sided tape on the counter or
    • place a carpet runner with plastic points facing upward over area.
  • Place Snappy Trainers along counters. Snappy Trainers look like mousetraps with a large flap or paddle. When tripped they spring closed, make a noise while flipping over in the air, and startle but does not harm your pet.
  • Some cats seem to have an aversion to lemon scents. Place lemon scent air fresheners in areas that you don’t want your cat to go near.