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Anti-Tethering Legislation

Dogs are social animals and suffer mentally and emotionally when they are continuously tethered.

Forcing them to live with ongoing frustration from insensitive people who tease them, insect strikes and even animal attacks result in them becoming angry, aggressive and territorial. They are easy targets of theft because they are left unsupervised and may be sold for a variety of unscrupulous and cruel purposes. They can get tangled, choke or can be strangled to death by their tether. They suffer outdoors in the elements and their necks may become raw and sore. It is easy to understand why people and especially young children would be hurt who wander into the path of dogs who have been forced into this difficult life. In fact, in the past five years, nearly 200 children were killed or seriously injured by chained dogs in the U.S., most of them unsterilized males.

We recognize that there are dogs who have run at large and harmed people; that is tragic. Those dogs should have been contained responsibly. Anti-tethering legislation, however, addresses irresponsible people who maintain their dogs in an inhumane manner that jeopardizes public safety.  Proper indoor and outdoor conditions can help dogs to remain safe citizens. 

View sample anti-tethering legislation, then contact your state legislators and let them know that you would like them to support an anti-tethering law in Wisconsin.  Currently over 100 cities, counties and states in the nation ban or limit chaining; California installed a 3 hour a day chaining limit in fall 2006.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Wisconsin