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Gift of Companionship

When a person commits themselves to the life and wellness of their animal companion, the world is a better place.

It has been said that one should not give an animal as a gift, but recent research has shown otherwise. The Wisconsin Humane Society is one of the animal welfare agencies nation-wide to test conventional wisdom and to offer the carefully designed Gift of Companionship program. We believe that with a thoughtful approach and adequate support, the bonds of animal companionship can last a lifetime!

Pop Quiz

  1. How well do you really know the person to whom you're giving the gift of companionship? Take our quiz to find out!
  2. Has your friend ever considered adding a companion animal to their lifestyle? Do you know what type of companion animal interests them?
  3. Is your friend at least 18 years of age and a resident of Wisconsin?
  4. Would you feel comfortable receiving a gift of this magnitude from this person?
  5. Does your friend have a realistic understanding of the care involved with being a guardian for a companion animal and will they be able to afford the necessities required in order to care for their new companion?
  6. Is your friend an active person, willing to provide adequate exercise for a dog after a long day at work? Will they take time to socialize a cat or small animal?
  7. Is this person prepared to wake up in the middle of the night to let a puppy out, or tolerate late-night kitten crazies? Would an older companion be more suitable?
  8. Do you know the daily routine of your friend's life? Does their landlord allow animals? Do they have enough time to devote to an animal? Will everyone in the household be pleased to receive a new animal into the home? Will their resident animals be willing to add a new member to their clan?
  9. Does your friend have any allergies to animals, or do any members of their household?

Gift Adoption Information

Were you able to answer all of the questions on our quiz with confidence?

Perhaps a gift adoption will best suit your gift-giving needs.

Gift adoptions include the companion animal and a $25 gift certificate redeemable within two weeks after the gift giving date at the Animal Antics retail store located within WHS.

What is the Process?

In order to give the gift of companionship, you will need to provide the following information about the recipient:

  • Name, address and phone number
  • Age and number of people living in the household
  • Number and type of other companion animals living in the home
  • A description of the recipient's lifestyle and their expectations for a companion. 

When you give a gift adoption, you will take legal responsibility for the companion animal until the recipient meets with an Adoption Counselor at WHS and signs the adoption contract transferring guardianship over to themselves.

The recipient must schedule an appointment to meet with an Adoption Counselor, within two weeks of the gift giving date, in order to sign the adoption contract and redeem their $25 gift certificate.

An Adoption Counselor will follow up with the recipient in order to ensure the smoothest transition for the companion animal into their new homes.

There are many advantages to adopting from the Wisconsin Humane Society using our Gift of Companionship program. You can view available animals and research the different advantages of adopting by clicking on the links to the left.

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