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Finding Your Perfect Match

Considering adding a companion to the family? The Wisconsin Humane Society offers the following information to help make decision a breeze.

Get the whole family involved.

Choosing a new animal companion can be very exciting.

Start your selection process at home by polling family members and talking about the physical characteristics that appeal to you, and most importantly, what personality will best suit your environment and lifestyle.  The Adoption Counselors at the Wisconsin Humane Society can help you to translate all of that information into a great match.  If you have one or more pets at home, describe them to our Adoption Counselors and they can help you select which animal will be able to adapt to your household.  

Learn all you can.

Visit the library, read books on the type of animal you are interested in and attend seminars to learn how to correct or prevent any potential behavior problems.

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers free animal behavior seminars on dogs, cats rabbits and birds throughout the year. Call Nora Hart at 414-431-6156 for more information. 

Be prepared for your new animal's arrival.

Animal Antics, the Wisconsin Humane Society's store for creature comforts, is continually stocking new items and old favorites; all recommended by our educators and veterinarians to help your companion make a smooth transition to his or her new home.

Adoption counselors will help you make the perfect selections for your new family member.  After your adoption, you can purchase the items you want online today or stop in to see us at the WHS for all of your animal supply needs!  All proceeds from the sale of the items on this site benefit the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  Doesn't it feel great to support a store that makes life better for animals? 

Ask questions.

When interacting with your potential new companion animal, ask about his or her behavior.

An animal's temperament is the most important factor in a successful adoption. The Wisconsin Humane Society evaluates all animals available for adoption. Adoption counselors are more than happy to answer any of your questions. 

Adopt from an animal shelter.

Most shelters have a large selection of mixed breed and some purebred cats of all ages.

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers a wealth of resources to people adopting animals. Services include information on how to choose an animal, adoption counseling, behavior seminars, low cost training classes and adoption follow-up support. In addition, all adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and tested for heartworm or feline leukemia. You will also receive one month of free pet health insurance at the time of your adoption!

If you would like more information or a free pamphlet on choosing a companion animal, please call 414-ANIMALS (264-6257). 

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Sheldon's Shelter Fund

Sheldon’s Shelter Fund was started by Sheldon and his mom as a way for lucky people and animals to share their happiness with animals who are waiting to find people of their own.  

Consider sharing your love by donating to the Sheldon Shelter Fund!