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Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Bartolotta, Chairperson
  • Tony Enea, Vice Chairman
  • Robert Davis, Treasurer
  • David Hecker, Secretary
  • Enrique Breceda
  • Richard Derksen
  • Frederic G. Friedman
  • Richard Glaisner
  • Gardner Govan
  • Patricia Falb
  • Charlie James
  • Helen Johnson-Leipold
  • Caroline Krider
  • John Matter 
  • James McMullen
  • Jennifer Monacelli
  • Jill Pelisek
  • Kailas Rao
  • Trisha K. Renner
  • Katina Shaw
  • Allison Smith
  • Margy Stratton
  • Amalia Todryk
  • Kathy Turkal
  • Kathleen Wegrzyn
  • Gisela Zelenka Drysdale
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Sheldon's Shelter Fund

Sheldon’s Shelter Fund was started by Sheldon and his mom as a way for lucky people and animals to share their happiness with animals who are waiting to find people of their own.  

Consider sharing your love by donating to the Sheldon Shelter Fund!